How To Convert Icons File PNG to ICNS Under OS X

The OS X Terminal is very useful for me. It can handles many tasks includes converting picture file extensions. OS X use .icns file for mostly its default icon in each apps. So if you wanna a custom icon on one of your apps, you need prepare .icns file. If you have a PNG icon with transparent background, just convert it by Terminal. This is how it works. Launch Terminal and type this command :

      sips -s format icns input.png --out output.icns

Change "input.png" with png file which you want to convert. You can drag the file into terminal window. Then change the "output.icns" with the new file output includes path of its location. For examples, I want to convert MacGazine.png in /Users/Teddy/Documents/ to MacGazine.icns, and I want the new file located at Desktop.
So I type this command :

      sips -s format icns /Users/Documents/MacGazine.png --out /Users/Teddy/Desktop/MacGazine.icns

You can also use its inverse. When you wanna convert .icns file to .png, just simply type the inverse.

      sips -s format png input.icns --out output.png

The other way to convert icon is using iConvert icons applications. It's just $4.99 in Mac App Store.

It provides online version for free. You can follow this link.

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