How To Get OS X Yosemite Working With ATI Radeon HD 7850

When you try to find an ATI Radeon HD 7850 drivers (kext) for latest OS X, actually it's not so difficult because OS X Yosemite comes with its kernel extensions by default. We will just do several tweak to enable it. Eventhough I still have no luck to enable ATI Radeon HD 7850 on OS X Mavericks or its predecessor Mountain Lion, finally I can enable this one of ATI Radeon HD 7000 series in the latest OS X version. Like the same methods with the most ATI Radeon graphics card on OS X which I share to you here. Let's follow this graphics card installation tutorial.
The HIS HD 7850 dev id is 0x6819 so it should can be found in AMD7000Controller.kext & AMDRadeonX4000.kext within /System/Library/Extensions/ or we can add it manually.
Go to /System/Library/Extensions/ then find AMD7000Controller.kext. Right click on it and select Show Package Contents.

Drag the info.plist file into desktop and open with any text editor app. You must see 0x6819 under IOPCIMatch (you can add it manually in other ATI graphics card series installation).

 Drag it back again then do the same tweaks to AMDRadeonX4000.kext.
Then repair permission with Kext Utility app. Add one of Framebuffer name below into Clover or Chameleon configuration. You can select Aji, Buri, Chutoro, Dashimaki, Ebi, Gari, Futomaki, Hamachi, OPM, IkuraS, or Ikura. Backup those kext first before you editing its info.plist.

I attached dual monitor to my Custom Mac and it works perfectly together. If you want to buy a HD 7850 graphic card for your Custom Mac from Amazon, you can go here.

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