Download The Powerful Removable Drive Utility "CleanMyDrive 2"

CleanMyDrive 2 comes with new light and dark flat user-interface and also has so many new features. But now, it is just support 64-bit Intel Mac with OS X 10.10 up. That's available to download for free on Mac App Store. CleanMyDrive 2 is actually needed to clean many junks file that was created both Windows and Mac (DS_Store, Thumbs.db, Spotlight-V100, .TemporaryItems, fseventsd, RECYCLED, RECYCLER, $RECYCLE. BIN etc). Service files which was created by system like that can corrupt the removable drive compatibility with another device. The service files are also make us uncomfortable. It is easy to use app that can be launched from your OS X menu bar. It works with external HDD, flash drives, DMG files and even network volumes.
What is new in version 2.0? Here is the list :
  • Redesigned with new flat light and dark user interface.
  • CleanMyDrive 2 can clean more junk files within external drives.
  • Easily knows what type of the files and how much.
  • Easily copying files to other drives by drag them right to CleanMyDrive.
  • Completely with beautiful icons that available as in app purchase.
  • Can automatically eject the drives when the system sleep. And it's safer.
  • There's notifications when the disk eject and mount.
  • Able to eject all of the removable drives with one shortcut.
  • Can hide disks from the disk list if important.
  • Fully sandboxes architecture.
  • Several bug fixed.

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