Best Disk Recover Software for Mac OS X "Disk Drill Pro" Review (Version 2.4.437)

Someday you deleted important data unintentionally and was getting confused. Here is the solution. There's a best disk recover software for Mac OS X to undelete and find the deleted files. "Disk Drill Pro" which includes fully-featured to recover so many types of data for your Macintosh. Disk Drill version 2.4.437 was released to fixes 9 minor bugs of the previous build. You may lost photos from pocket camera, ebooks from e-reader, music's from MP3 player, or document in your Mac hard drive. It could be rescued by Disk Drill with its deep scanning method. Disk Drill support to recover any internal and removable drives both they're in GUID partition table or MBR. Disk Drill can recover deleted data in some different formats of the drives (HFS+, FAT32, NTFS, etc).
CleverFiles builds Disk Drill with many powerful features which can be unlocked when you buy the Pro version. Disk Drill provides Quick Scan, Deep Scan, Universal partition search, Scan for lost HFS partition, Back up into DMG-Image and many more.
Disk Drill is also offering pause scanning session, it can be saved, and it can be loaded anytime so when you don't have enough time to scan the larger or bigger drive capacity, don't be afraid. It can be continued anytime.
Disk Drill has some free data protection features too which really set it apart from the other. When you have enabled it, you’ll never worry about your Mac OS X data recovery again :
  • Guaranteed Recovery - Make an invisible copy of every file that you put in your Trash before.
  •  Recovery Vault - Saves a record of all metadata for deleted data, then they can quickly be recovered with names and file locations perfectly.
  • S.M.A.R.T. Monitoring - Give warning to you when the hard drive has trouble before it fails.
Buy Disk Drill Pro now and you will feel how powerful the disk recover software is. Finally, Disk Drill is also available to Windows user now.


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