"Elite Keylogger" The Best Keystroke Logger App for Your Mac

The best keystroke logger app for Mac "Elite Keylogger" now supports the latest version of OS X 10.11 El Capitan. It comes with a lot of fully-functional features to record many activities. Elite Keylogger can even run in invisible mode. So, mostly user will never know, there's a keystroke logger running on our Mac. It's completely easy, it doesn't need much RAM space, and provides more features. Elite Keylogger can collects passwords of social network, it will keep track of sites visited, so we can keep teens online safely. Elite Keylogger can protect our teens online. It actually knows what they are talking about and every single thing they share. It will also capturing emails and can records the activity of instant message chat, so we can know the chat history. You will have an option to set the frequency of capturing screenshots. All of the logs and screenshots can be sent to email automatically and privately.

Elite Keylogger 1.7.502 is the latest version. It brings several minor polishing fixes. Fix the emailing logs, better performance and faster improvements, and also compatible with the latest OS X 10.11 El Capitan. Even I installed Elite Keylogger on my old Mac includes OS X Snow Leopard and it works well.

You could make this app invisible (pro version) by click on the top left corner button. This app is not appear on your Launchpad and even on your Dock. Then if you will to make it visible again, just type "unhide" on desktop, its icon will appears again on the OS X menu bar. The secret keyword can be changed into whatever you want.

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